10 Simple Ways to Make Your Christmas Decoration Look Good

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If you want to make unique and great Christmas decorations on your own, you need to go find many DIY techniques and ways to make aesthetic Christmas decorations. Anyone can buy things, but when you show your creativity with the decorations DIY style then it makes it stand out. But DIY or do it yourself tricks can be tough. So it's not easy to find simple ways to do it. 

Don’t worry, we got you covered. We researched for you. We brought you 10 simple ways to make your Christmas decoration look good in this article. After you go through this article, you can create 10 simple ways to make your Christmas decoration look good in unique ways and it will stand out from the rest.

1. Black Paper Tablecloth

If you are about to use the same old tablecloth then you can ditch it and go for a black butcher paper. It gives a unique look to the table. And you can always get even more creative with it and draw designs with a paint pen. This way you will be able to create super unique looks. We have to say this is one of the best of 10 simple ways to make your Christmas decoration look good. This is also super easy to clean after the holiday dinner. You can also add details with place cards and decorations.

2. Build Mini Houses

You can make mini crafty wood houses. You can place them in the reading nook and help place stockings with it. Building these mini houses is super easy and there are tons of tutorials you can find on the internet. 

3. Candle Jars Hack

You can line the glass candle jars with slices of dried oranges. This will create a fresh and Christmas-y aroma. It is also giving out a welcoming vibe to your home. This might be a small change but surely a big difference. It only takes a min to prepare. This also makes the candle look unique. This is one of the best hacks in the list of 10 simple ways to make your Christmas decoration look good. 

4. Garland Made of Coffee Filter

You can make a pretty DIY decoration if you know how to utilize items. For example, a simple coffee filter can be turned into a garland. This floral garland can create a unique look in your living room or dining space. And if you don’t have any coffee filters then you can use tissue paper instead. And if you want to know how to make it then there are lots of tutorials on the internet.

5. Garland Accents

It’s always nice to see some garlands but you can make it look more unique by using some construction paper. Just make sure to use colorful papers. And cut them in seasonal and festive shapes, like triangles. You can use glue to stick them and hang them with the garland. To make them match perfectly, use ribbons in a similar color around the end.

6. Lanterns

If you want to experience a campfire, all you will need is to put some string lights in a lantern. And then put them together in the faux fireplace. This way you will get to experience the fireplace without even going out in the cold. 

7. Outdoor Light

Using only cardboard, construction paper, and string lights paper you can create oversized outdoor lights. This DIY outdoor light is an inexpensive and very creative way to make your outdoor decoration complete. If you have a bright-colored door, you need to match it with some lights. All you have to do is keep the holiday theme in mind.

8. No Fireplace Fire

Seems impossible? Well, it’s a very easy and interesting way to set up a fake fireplace. All you need is a canvas and a little drawing skill. You can draw the fireplace yourself on a canvas and then hang it over a wall so it looks like a fireplace. Sure people will know it’s fake, but if you do it right, it will look great. Your interior decorations will reach a new level of creativity. Appreciations are guaranteed for this trick. It’s one of the best of the 10 simple ways to make you Christmas decoration look good.

9. Garland Christmas Countdown

You can turn garlands into one of the most interesting calendars. Take a kitchen garland and attach a ribbon to it. Hang small containers with labels. Those labels will have the name of the months. Fill those with treats as well. So the countdown to Christmas will be even more exciting and fun! This is by far the most fun one out of the 10 simple ways to make your Christmas look good list.

10. A Kissing Ball

Mistletoe is everywhere. Try a kissing ball. You can make a pine and pinecone version of it. Place it to any doorway and you are all set. To make one you just need a foam ball, some ribbon, and few things from the backyard. This is one of the easiest DIY in our list of 10 simple ways to make your Christmas decoration look good.

Bottom line

Christmas decorations can be expensive. And if you are on a budget then it can get complicated to decorate it nicely. So it’s better to reply to simple hacks and DIY more. There is nothing wrong with spending a lot on Christmas decorations but you need to see if it is the same old decoration or it’s something new and creative. People will notice and appreciate unique decorations that need a little creativity. By now you must have an idea about how to utilize little things to make impressive decorations during the holidays. The list of 10 simple ways to make your Christmas decoration look good is here to just give you some idea. But there are more than 10 simple ways. And all you need is a bit of imagination. These decorations will not take you more than an hour or some minutes to make. So, open your creative eye up and start finding your simple ways to make the decorations look good. 


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