Colors of the Wall and How They Impact Your Mood

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If you’re thinking about coloring your home and wondering about the colors of the wall and how they impact your mood, this article will explain all the detail there is to know. The colors of the wall are very important. There have been several studies regarding this. The colors do have a psychological impact on people. Some people just think about coloring the walls with their favorite colors. But you should choose the colors to suit the mood of the rooms. Each room has different purposes. And the colors should go well with it. For example, the color red, orange, yellow can create a hunger sensation in people. So the bedroom should not have these colors. Similarly, the dining room should not have a lavender color or any color that can make the guests feel sleepy. This color usually relaxes people so it goes well in the bedroom instead. So you see there are a lot of things to know about the colors of the wall and how they impact your mood.

Most colors work similarly to everyone. But the differences are in the shades. So choosing the shades can be very intimidating. You need the shades that match your needs. And good choices can result in giving you more comfort and increasing your productivity. You should not only choose the color that suits the other furniture only, rather you should select keeping the mood of the rooms in mind. The process can be a lot easier if you have the basic knowledge about the colors and the mood it reflects. So let us know more about the colors of the wall and how they impact your mood

The Mood of the Colors

Each of the colors has its mood. You have to think about what mood you are going after. Colors can give out various emotions. And it can be any emotion. They can influence tranquility, hunger, anger, etc. For creating an influence of harmony in your house you need to have the proper knowledge about the colors of the wall and how they impact your mood. You also have to understand that overuse of a particular color might have the opposite effect on your mood.

First, you need to choose what mood do you want to create and which color will help you achieve the mood. Keeping these questions in mind, you have to browse through all the options. When you select the colors, limit the number of colors to 3 or 4 in one single room. Too many colors in one room will make it look like a mess. Paint is much cheaper than any fancy furniture. So you can easily transform your room with colors. And you can afford to do experiments. 

Different Colors and Effects

Let's discuss specific colors now. As we already mentioned that each color influences different emotions. Now we will choose colors and tell you what type of emotion you can expect from it.

Every room’s color can express a person's desires. The light colors are considered expansive. They make the room seem bigger and airy. And the rooms that get less sunlight, light colors are perfect for them. Dark colors can give a warm and sophisticated vibe. They can present an intimate expression. You will know better about the colors of the wall and how they impact your mood at the end of this article.

Red Walls

This color brings a powerful expression. It can be considered a color for excitement, hunger. But it can also stimulate stress. This color is suited for the kitchen and dining room. Since this stimulates hunger, you can find it perfect for these places. Also if you have room for exercise, then it can work great there too. Bedrooms and other rooms should not have red-colored walls. This color will not help you to relax and make you stress even more. 

Blue Walls

This color is perfect for creating a comfortable and calm expression. So it is great for the office, study rooms, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. This color is very helpful for creating concentration and keeping the mind peaceful. It can boost your productivity in a room. But it is not suitable for the kitchen and dining room. This color can kill your appetite

White Walls

This color is best for bathrooms. It can express a cleanliness vibe. That’s why it is used in bathrooms all around the world. It can give you a sterile vibe in your rooms. So it is not so useful option in the dining rooms. This color also makes other colors pop out. So you can use white color to create a new look with other colors.

Yellow Walls

This color can stimulate better metabolism and thinking. The light shades of this color are a good option for bathrooms and living rooms. This color is not perfect for a bedroom. If you use this color correctly, it will brighten up the room very nicely. It’s very interesting how hunger can be influenced by the colors of the wall and how they impact your mood and diet. That’s why most food chains utilize these colors.

Pink Walls

This color produces a soothing and warm vibe. It is an option for bathrooms or bedrooms. A lighter shade of pink goes well with the bathroom walls. It produces a healthy glow on the skin. It also works in the living room. 

Purple Walls

The purple shade creates a very calming environment. So it is one of the best options for your bedroom color. It also represents royalty. Some might even consider this color as a creativity influencer. So this might be a good color for your office or living room as well.

Black Walls

Finally the most powerful color of all, color black. This can be used in the home to give it a very edgy and sleek look. Surely it adds more elegance to the room. 

Bottom line

All of the colors also have different shades. These shades can also influence certain emotions. It all depends on what catches your eye and makes you feel better. Now that you know, how to choose colors of the wall and how they impact your mood, you can experiment with the shades of the colors and make your home beautiful and refreshing.


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